Monday, November 19, 2007

Soup Week!

So this past week was Soup Week in the Cuisine Heart household. We made five soups from the William Sonoma Food Made Fast Soup cookbook: Potato-Cheddar, Beef Barley, Vietnamese Beef Noodle, Garlic, and Chicken Tortilla.

The favorite? The Chicken Tortilla soup. Easy, well-balanced flavors, and delicious with whole-wheat cheese quesadillas, it was the definite favorite. Following closely, for completely different reasons, was the Garlic Soup. I wisely chose to treat this as an appetizer and the husband agreed: very potent, but delicious in small quantities over toasted sourdough bread. The Beef Barley soup was good, but could have benefited from some additional veggies, such as chunks of potato, carrots, or peas. The Vietnamese Noodle Soup was also good, especially the rice noodles (first time we’d made that at home), but alas, the Potato-Cheddar soup fell short (though with a few modifications, I’m sure it could much better).

Recipes and photos to follow!

(I've been catching up a bit, so scroll back for some new recipes and photos as well).

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