Tuesday, August 19, 2008

La Raison

*blink blink* Anyone still there?

I should have known better than to attempt to get all involved with this blog and make you all think that I actually could actively keep it updated on a weekly basis. This is completely untrue and a misrepresentation. I tend to post in random, sporadic, guilt-ridden bursts.

I enjoy this blog and I want to give it my all, I really do. But things keep getting in the way. Much like my realtor in this picture.

Welcome to the new Salle de la Cuisine Heart. This is what we've been doing all summer: house hunting. Oh yes, and water-skiing, graphic designing, writing classing, driving, traveling, and planning 85th birthday parties (okay, just one). In fact, this is the first week in just about FOREVER than I am actually home every evening and cooking. Well, mostly. Sunday we had Trader Joe's Mandarin Orange Chicken and frozen potstickers. Last night I made steak and cheese subs. Tonight we have leftover pasta salad, more potstickers, and... maybe an avocado? We are minorly obsessed with avocados right now. More on that later.

Needless to say, this is what passes for cooking these days. Geez!

We've also been shopping for necessities for the new abode. Because I am a nerd, I have photoshoped the photo below to show you roughly what it will look like:

I blame Mr. Heart for taking in sufficient photos, as that is all I am able to show you of our kitchen-to-be. Imagine a large island in the middle. And that door there? That's a pantry. I didn't think one could get excited about a pantry. But I am. Oh I am.

I also desperately want these, since I suspect our dishes may have to be stored in drawers rather than the cabinets. However, it looks like IKEA has discontinued them in the U.S. and only sells them... in Australia. Any ideas? Where can I get these sorts of plate holders/caddies in the states? Pretty please?

More pictures eventually, je promise. For now, a recipe!

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